Check out the new short film directed and shot by Charlotte Ercoli featuring Antony Langdon, Flannery Lunsford, Gareth Klein, Rachel Vandervort with Music by Sensations Fix & Plaid!

Charlotte Linden Ercoli is a directer and editor in the United States brought up by an Italian immigrant father and Jewish mother; which she remarks as being the most notable “explanation” for her as a person. Charlotte grew up obsessed and self-claimingly possessed by the spirit of Jerry Lewis, who stars.in her favorite movie “The King of Comedy“. In her short film “Pure Imagination” (Which is a definite nod to her other muse Gene Wilder on top of her lead actor somewhat resembling him) she samples recordings of Lewis as somewhat of a narrator. The making of this film was meant to be an exercise for Ercoli. Itching to make her first feature film she wanted to see if she could make a short just using b-roll left over from a music video shoot she was hired to direct.

When asked about the film Charlotte had this to say:

I had been watching all these videos on Youtube.com of people doing these full body animal prosthetics and I had a little bit of dough to spend. So I figured, why not call up my friends, pay a make-up artist to do this and see what happens from there. I need to catch you up on my private life at the time a bit if you want to full understand the actual movie though. With that said I did show it to someone who was 12 and they got the idea qompletwlty without me having to drone on about it. Anyway. The day I shot that video I was just trying to keep it together because I was trying to break up with my boyfriend at the time, and my heart was entirely elsewhere. When I watch this footage, I emotionally time travel to that day. I had no narrative plan for the day but what I was going through definitely seeped in. I just kept telling them to do different things and when I got home with the footage it all just made sense what it was about. Kind of.  I made it into a music video for a band called “Pavo Pavo” first but then wanted to see if I could take the same footage, keep the sound in and make it into something conceivable as a real movie. The band was entirely okay with it so I just did it. It was truly meant as an exercise to see if I could. For what it is, I love how it came out. Thanks for premiering! 

Music by Sensations Fix & Plaid
Directed/Shot/Edited by Charlotte Linden Ercoli
Make-up: Tara Edwards

Antony Langdon
Flannery Lunsford
Gareth Klein
Rachel Vandervort