Ottawa duo Garçons takes their mix of funk, soul, and R&B into new territory with their first release of 2019, “Pedigree.” For the song, singer/songwriter Deelo Avery draws from his background as an immigrant. Growing up in Nigeria, Deelo claimed a strong affection for Afrobeat music pioneer and human rights activist Fela Kuti.
“His music constantly played in my house, on the TV and everywhere on the radio,” Deelo says of Kuti. “It runs in his blood, hence the name ‘Pedigree.'” In the same vein that Kuti sung in both English and Yoruba, Deelo alternates between English and Igbo verses in “Pedigree.”

The release of “Pedigree” is accompanied by a music video which aesthetically continues Garçons producer/director Julian Strangelove’s pastel palette-d, slightly bizzaro video narratives that is, at the end of the day, undeniably fun. The video shows Deelo as a night janitor at a school getting into all sorts of shenanigans.

Garçons is comprised of singer/songwriter Deelo (who has also been featured on a couple of Keynes Woods tracks) and producer/director Julian Strangelove, the pair first met in 2014, but didn’t start working together until the summer of 2017. Their 2018 debut EP “Body Language” EP was the result of a month-long writing session in Strangelove’s Ottawa apartment. “There wasn’t a goal, we just wanted to make good music,” Strangelove says of the experience. “Deelo and I love embracing the things that make us human and we love to talk about that in the music. Hopefully, the listener can find something within the song to relate to. And if it makes them smile, dance, laugh or cry – we’ve done a good job. There aren’t any boundaries in our creative process and we hope that manifests itself in the music.”

“Pedigree” is the first song from the pair’s sophomore EP, due August 28th. Make sure to follow them via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more news.

Photo Credit: Edmund Green​​​​​​​