Music videos are an important creative outlet for artists, especially in today’s visual-stimulant society, however, few videos are actually made by the artists themselves. Time and time again, Mike G has shown that his creativity knows no bounds and that he is an exception to this rule. With his upcoming EXILE EP slated to drop this Summer, Mike G unveiled his self-directed music video to “Everything That’s Yours Pt. II” on May 7th, 2019. The release seeps with nostalgia, everything from the 2000’s RnB-infused melody to the allusive-twist on a classic video concept to the story behind it. The title may have a taste of familiarly to it as exactly 8 years ago, on May 7th, 2011, Odd Future released their “Radical” mixtape, featuring Mike G’s “Everything That’s Yours Pt. I”. Known for amending his own releases, it’s no surprise that when Mike was creating the EXILE universe, he felt that it was time to revisit “Everything That’s Yours,” thus forming Part II.

Just like the song it visualizes, this video really embodies the beauty to a woman’s sex appeal. Lyrically, listeners are embraced by the sultry chorus, performed by GUN, and are driven into a lustful trance with Mike’s lyrical delivery. Visually, viewers are taken on a seductive and allusive trip exploring the pure beauty of a woman, capturing her confidence, her curves, her moves, etc.

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Photo by @_rake