Reptile Room is an electro-pop trio formed in Atlanta in 2017 by Bill Zimmerman and brother and sister Sean and Sami Michelsen The three members do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, videos and designing art. They’ve worked with MTV, E! and Redbull, released a self-titled EP listed as one of Creative Loafing’s “25 Atlanta Summer Jams” and have been nominated for an Atlanta Culture Award presented by LiveNation.

Musically, Reptile Room aims to add wild & adventurous elements into the ‘box’ of pop music. Everything from the art to the production is a twist on the ordinary. AudioFemme recently stated they are known for their “thrilling, psychedelic visuals, intoxicating music, and powerful performances” Creative Loafing describes their music as “wet reverby soundscapes, stuttering beats, sultry sensibility, and deep bass.”

Reptile Room have fresh sounds and exciting news coming this year as they’ve signed with San Francisco indie Om Records to release their upcoming new album Jade in the summer of 2019.

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