Photographer, Rob Woodcox submitted his latest body of work he created with his team.

Written and Photographed by Rob Woodcox

What is interconnectivity? Interconnectivity is the collective ties that bring a diverse set of beings together, weaving unique threads of various experiences into one woven patchwork of ideas and identity which become culture. A sense of peace and understanding comes from living openly and experiencing culture outside your own. Whether it’s regional trends within your own province or the unique ways of life offered by traveling to a new country, similarities and differences impacting the human experience come to light. Shocking truths can be unveiled when you open your eyes to the reality of another, and yet simultaneously you can find yourself feeling at home in a place you’re setting foot for the first time.
Despite our uniqueness, a common thread runs its way through every human being, uninhibited by borders, tying us more intimately than we imagine in a web of interconnectivity and dependency. We are all connected, that much is for sure. Over the last 8 years my passion for photography and extreme curiosity of the world has taken me to all 50 US states and over 20 countries around the world. At first that sounds exhausting, and perhaps like I was in a rush; however one of my top priorities when booking a trip elsewhere is to give myself the time and space to truly experience a new location and culture as much as possible. The minimum amount of time I’ll typically spend in a new place is a full week, with my goal to be at least a month. For this reason I’ve spent a good majority of three recent years living abroad. In that time I’ve witnessed some of the most compelling differences in culture; from the chaotic tuk tuk traffic in Delhi to humble Sherpa villages framed by Mount Everest; from the alien bare landscapes of Iceland to the towering redwoods of California; from brilliant and boisterous Semba dances in Brazil to organized quiet crowds in Tokyo. Every place leaves its mark on the world, establishing a reputation to create individuality.

However eye opening my experiences have been abroad, the time spent absorbing each culture eventually leads to a sense of normalcy; after so much time spent anywhere, I begin in some sense to feel at home. Though outward appearance offers the initial thrill of color, smell and all around sensory overload, eventually the sun goes down, meals are shared, conversation is had, and I form a bond with whoever I’m being housed by. The normalcy of being a human and having needs starts to bring me closer to those around me, and our outward differences don’t keep us from sharing friendship or even love. A long life of experience still lies ahead, however I’m certain without a doubt that we all stem from the same origins, and our everyday experiences are more dependent on each other than we often acknowledge. Our choices to exert positive or negative actions create a wave that inevitably affects those around us. With that realization, I believe a responsibility falls on each of our shoulders to care for one another and to elevate those around us who cannot elevate themselves. One break in the chain puts more strain on the rest- it falls on each one of us to unite and provide the support needed by people around us. We are all connected by that thread, the question is will we continue to cut ties or repair the patchwork that creates a beautiful planet for us to share.

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Masyn Wade- @masynwade
Derrick Lee- @__itsderrick__
Tammy Jackson
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Grayce Brunner- @graycedhair
Rob Woodcox- @robwoodcoxphoto

MUA/String Design:
Ale Mendez- @aleee.xo
Geovanni Aburto- @geovanniaburto
Michelle Marie- @mybeautygems

Holly Hoover- @hollyhoover_
Clutch Camera PDX- @clutchcamerapdx
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