Ex- Winds of Plague Keyboardist, “ALAENA” (fka Alana Potocnik) is prepared to make a statement. Her voice throws an innocently eerie spin on the industrialized alt-pop tracks, backed up by her female guitarist and live drummer. Alaena left the internationally known death metal band to pursue her solo career. After heading to LA and meeting Grammy winning producer Khris Lorenz, they coined the genre “grunge-pop”. She continued to produce & write her music independently with the guidance of Lorenz, as well as direct and edit her music videos. With over 35k Instagram followers and various mentions about her music & style (referred to as a Living Andy Warhol Painting) in publications such as PAPER, Wonderland, Pop Dust & PopCrave, her social media engagement continues to draw in new fans (the ATEAM.) New year, new Alaena and expected to hit the ground running with new songs releasing every 5 weeks leading up to her debut EP UNGUILTY PLEASURES, brand new music videos, new merch drops & shows all over the US!

“I Wanna” is a song about frustrating love. It is about the vicious cycle of mixed signals between two lovers. The strength and weakness of not receiving what you know you want. I wrote “I Wanna” to express what I could never say to the guy I had been seeing off and on for years. Despite our relationship together, he never wanted to admit to committing. It was like one week we were together all the time and the next week I’d see him one day out with someone else- resulting in me doing the same thing to him because I didn’t want to seem like I was too available. We’d lose touch, I’d get over it then somehow wed ALWAYS end up back together doing the same exact shit. It kind of was a vicious cycle. I have never been thrown, and have thrown back this many mixed signals in my life, haha. Love can be confusing and sometimes feel like a sign of weakness when you go through situations like mine but I encourage all females (and males) if they go through this same kind of situation, like I have, to be strong and powerful and don’t let the mixed signals drag you along like I had let them to me! I want to use my story from I wanna as a lesson for all my fans.

“I Wanna” was written by ALAENA and produced by Grammy-winning Khris Lorenz.

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