Montreal-based alt-pop artist Claudia Bouvette bids you a warm welcome to her transfixing sonic world. Stepping into this realm, listeners will discover the vibrancy and earnest moments. She now introduces another side of herself in the form of “Don’t Like It,” the second single off her debut EP Cool It.

“Don’t Like It” is a mid-tempo, bedroom-pop style track linking Claudia’s saccharine vocals, sophisticated songwriting, and 80’s synth-pop inflections. There’s an examination of love and lust while Claudia’s reclaims self-empowerment in the process.
The new single arrives with an accompanying music video directed by 27-year-old Montreal talent Caraz (L’Oréal, Lady Speed Stick), who’s known for portraying women as powerful, seductive beings, without having them look over sexualized. It was shot in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Quebec at a village near the Saint Laurent river by emerging Montreal DOP Derek Branscombe, whose experimental work has been featured at festivals like Cannes and Tribeca. Exposing breathtaking imagery with icy, blue-tinted cinematography, the shaky, on-the-run camera work provides the visual clip with a sense of boundless zest and immersion.
Her self-assured vocals are layered on top of richly, honeyed electro-pop arrangements. “Don’t Like It” is a testament to a former lover as she escapes a tumultuous relationship only to break through to see daylight once again.
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Photo Derek Branscombe