Today, CRX have released the first single “We’re All Alone,” taken from their highly anticipated forthcoming sophomore album Peek, out on August 23

The mesmerizing 5-minute album-taster, “We’re All Alone,” debuted today via The FADER, “We wanted to do something hypnotic as fuck.” says guitarist Darian Zahedi. Lyrically, it addresses a pervasive theme of isolation with lines like, “Put down the phone and face it…we’re all alone.” “We could be right in front of each other and not communicating,” he elaborates.

Drawing on a mutual obsession with everything from Remaining Light by Talking Heads and Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) by David Bowie, the boys unlocked a new level of chemistry in the studio. “The recording was very different, because we made a big deal of tracking it as live as possible,” Darian continues. “We also let go and embraced some of these really cool influences that took us into the stratosphere. It was a combination of writing for over a year, getting out of our heads, and knowing what we wanted to sound like.” “The influence of Darian and Jon was prevalent in the recording and arrangement,” adds Nick. “I was more controlling on the first record. This is everybody in a room.”

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