Natalie Nieves is a Photographer in NYC, and Paris known for her range of work from Editorial, Travel, and Street Photography. Mostly shooting Analog, or on her Leica M she captures the rawness of New York City’s Pride Parade.

50 years after the Stonewall uprising,
NYC celebrates World Pride!

“This year’s NYC Pride was more explosive and expressive than any other year I have attended. Fresh off the plane from Paris, I flew into NYC with an abundance of people who seemed to be arriving for the same spectacle I would be joining in on Sunday. I envisioned my Tarmac would have a rainbow landing strip, but JFK failed at showing their love. I then hoped my customs stamp would be colorful, cause how dope would that be? A 50th landmark stamped in my passport, but once again JFK didn’t think it through. Maybe, I should join in the committee to explain how the devils in the details NYC? Instead I was buried in a sea of people at customs wearing rainbows and landing in America with a purpose. Per usual, I started my march in Washington Square Park to support my friends who are part of the LGBTQ community, have some rose, paint some glitter on my face, load up my camera’s with film and relax my nerves of the agoraphobia that I would soon endure. With a nice buzz, face paint ready, I decided it was time to crowd surf my way into the sea of love. Rainbows were rippling through the sky, spectators and protesters flooded the streets. Floats blared “I’m coming out, I want the world to know”, while people danced along side. Glittered rained in my hair, and stilettos pierced the pavement. I danced with glee, paused for moments of silence to remember those we have lost, and walked with recognition that were still in the strive for equality.” – Natalie