New York just got hit with a retro flashback in all kinds of amazing ways.. the new single from NYC duo, BAD, entitled ‘Sweat’ is a new wave 90’s vibes hit.  The track delivers animated sonic soundscapes and fun, dance worthy rhythms. The ultimate summer bop song that’s sparked inspiration from the 90’s workout Barbie aesthetic, something most of us wouldn’t know due to generational lensing, but trust its tight. It’s Lizzo meets George Michael, so if you have good taste in music and have ears that can generate hearing sound outside 120bpm, you’ll love it. It’s fun, it’s retro and it makes you wanna jump around and dance screaming into a hairbrush.

BAD is comprised of NYC based duo Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman. Having met in high school, the two have been writing and recording music together for over eight years. While they mainly focus on pop songwriting and production for other artists, BAD was formed less than a year ago and born out of a passion for funk music. That passion combined with their musicality and an incredible group of fellow musicians led to the release of their debut EP GOOD, which has been making listeners dance across the globe.

Inspired by their love for funk grooves and pop sensibilities, BAD pulls elements from throwback funk and soul, 90’s and early 2000’s pop and R&B and contemporary pop and hip-hop. The duo express, “We essentially want to be what a Prince and Max Martin collaboration could have been!” Brex and Hoffman succeed in creating a sound which allows the music to come across as nostalgic yet fresh, throwback yet brand new – imagine Quincy Jones, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael McDonald all working in 2019 and Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars and Lizzo, if they worked in 1980.

Bursting with exuberance and strutting with confidence, ‘Refresher’ shimmers with funk-fueled melodies, 80’s electronic instrumentation and a vibrant horn section. ‘Sweat’ follows suit, while delivering animated sonic soundscapes and fun, dance worthy rhythms. The ultimate summer bop sparked inspiration from the 90’s workout Barbie aesthetic. BAD reveal, “We tried to marry the humor of workout culture with sexual empowerment. It’s not supposed to take itself too seriously. It has silly references like ‘bend, snap’ and ‘dry shampoo’ to keep it light”.  

A frequent theme throughout BAD’s music if an overall sense of fun, lightheartedness and self-empowerment, with the utmost desire to make people feel-good and move. BAD continue to create fun-filled, energetic music with the release of ‘Sweat’ out now.

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