Songwriter Steven Christopher is making a statement on the state of ‘mental health’ today in our country, most importantly the youth of our country. “In My Head”, produced and written by Christopher, is an audible stream of consciousness detailing, ‘loner in the hills’, Steven Christopher’s journey in managing and overcoming struggles with mental health, self confidence and moving to LA to pursue his dreams. Self written and produced, it’s a personal reminder to himself and others that tough times are only temporary. The trap-pop influenced track comprised of mellow piano and rhythmic 808 is a sweeping backdrop, almost making the listener forget just how deep he gets lyrically.

Singer-songwriter Steven Christopher was first introduced to the music world in the previously released fan favorite “Only One” which has since amassed over 200k independent plays via streaming and major music platforms. The Memphis native, is planning to drop a full-length EP later this year.

After taking a break musically to develop his sound, Steven Christopher returns giving fans an inside look on some of his internal and external struggles over the past years. It’s relatable, vulnerable, and the music is progressive infusing Pop and R&B elements. Re-learn Steven through his music, which was written and produced himself.

Check out more of Steven Christophor here:  INSTAGRAM / SOUNDCLOUD


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