Ping Pong Club is a collaborative project made with some friends from Gobelins School.
The project is, for now, a private motion design challenge : we pick out a theme and some colors and we have 3/4 weeks to post a loop or a small video in connection with the theme.

The theme #8 was “Sex”.

Follow the project on Instagram : instagram.com/pingpongclubgifs/

CONTRIBUTORS (in order of appearance):

Anatole Develay : behance.net/AnatoleDevelay
Lorry barbedette : lorrybdt.com/
Maxime de la Rocheterie : qimono.tv/
Manon Louart : behance.net/manonlouart
Huimeng Li : lihuimeng.wixsite.com/
Louariell : louariell.com
Baptiste Goudier : behance.net/baptistego0fb8
Samuel Fiser : instagram.com/samuel.fiser
Léa Hermitte : vimeo.com/leahermitte
Laure Nicostrate : behance.net/laurenicostrate
François Cauderlier : francoiscauderlier.com/
Hanne Son : hanne-son.com/
Augusta Sarlin : qimono.tv/
Thomas Cerigny : mikimostudio.com/
Philip de Canaga : cowbell.studio
Alex Chocron : alleyesee.ca/

Montage, sound design and curation : François Cauderlier

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the post from the challenge : instagram.com/pingpongclubgifs/

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