Today we have the new Mark Daimond EP out now! Mark Diamond‘s smooth, refreshing new sound first hit the NAKID airwaves with the release of ‘Hummingbird’ earlier this Summer in spectacular fashion. Now the Seattle singer/songwriter is back with his full EP release “HUMMINGBIRD TWO“.
Diamond’s style has something to say for the unique vibe as well he carries, evident by the music videos true genuine progression from scene to scene throughout the humming addictive rhythm of ‘Hummingbird’. With a vision unmistakable and the music to make you forget your worries and move every muscle in your body, Mark Diamond is one of the hottest new artist to watch says us.

At 25 years old, Mark Diamond is a Seattle native who grew up listening to Tom Petty, Hootie & The Blowfish, The Beatles, R.E.M and Robbie Williams with his dad in his 1969 Chevy Malibu. Up until recently, Mark, now based in Los Angeles, was living in Seattle and working at a coffee shop for the last four years. He has been hard at work on his upcoming project with his debut song, “Steady,” leading the way. The song is included in a very large arsenal of finished tracks that he completed in 24 days with talented writer and producer Richard Craker, writing and recording in both London and Los Angeles. With his music, Mark wants to make people feel every emotion possible.

“I have never had more fun making music in my entire life. Music should make people feel good more than it makes them feel bad. Not necessarily ‘happy’ songs, but songs that make you feel better about life than when you started listening to it.”

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