The indie-pop artist, Storm Calysta is back with the premiere of her new single Space Cadet’. The song is accompanied by her highly anticipated music video, which is out today. Space Cadet conveys a sound of folk music from Mars and pop, exemplifying her imaginative abilities and eccentric lyrics. The music video for Space Cadet showcases Storm’s strengths as an artist, having been involved in every aspect from the styling, set design, to the creative direction. Both the song and video are reminiscent of the 60s/70s space-age trend but with a modernistic flare, leaving you with a feeling of nostalgia, while experiencing something fresh and new.

“I created this song for outcasts and daydreamers, like myself. The people who feel like they don’t quite fit in anywhere, as if they were dropped off on some alien planet. ” Storm said of her single.


Production Credits: Velvet Cartel (www.velvetcartel.com)

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