Today we have San Diego natives JOYKILL who are one of our artists to watch!  The 5 member band made up of vocals/guitarist JoYKiLL plus Anthony Cutietta on guitar, Richard Williamson on bass, Lance LaFave on percussion as well as Stephen Case, and finally Andrea Degneau on violin and various other noises.

Project JoYKiLL crawled its way out from one of the many holes in the fabric of our various shared realities. From there it attached itself to an abandoned TV in the Logan Heights area of San Diego to hide from the few untainted rays of the fading sun until it was discovered by three monks on their way to consort with the protein god, called [redacted]. After a long uncomfortable stare it was carried into the windowless temple of the fiberglass god, called [redacted]. There it was subjected to many unseemly conversations until, filled with despair, it cried out in distress. Lo, those wails of distress were heard by the god of pity, called [redacted], but the lamentations were not heeded. The resulting melodies were also heard, and subsequently recorded, by the monks and were dedicated to the TV god, called [redacted]. These are those recordings, and their various interpretations.
We all say thank ya.

Check out more of Joykill here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD

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