SATISFIED‘ – A new short film exclusive for NAKID, directed by Kati V Milano, with Joon Glume  and art direction by Ryan McBride. Diagnosed with Prinzmetal Angina this year, Joon Glume found being sick at this age with heart disease, being in the life that she has embraced in the music industry, has been very confusing and isolating as a woman.  A lot of young people with such serious diseases are asked to give up so much about themselves, letting it all go.  Realizing this about herself and her feelings towards it, she felt like she really needed to change that perspective because it didn’t make people anyone healthier losing themselves.  Living in a world where so many people around us live with these struggles, she felt like this film let her express to others that it’s ok to talk about it, it’s ok to feel and express that feeling and you should never let anyone take that from you.

‘Prinzessmetal’ by Joon Glume

“I was busy working towards a music career and having a damn good time when I was diagnosed with heart disease. I have zero blockages and I never had any extreme bad habits. My arteries may be clear but they spasm shut. It’s a rare condition called Prinzmetal Angina. I was going through stress and trauma all while living a healthy lifestyle otherwise. Perhaps I should have hit a drive thru and ditched the guy.

Nothing like getting saddled with a disease you associate with your grandparents when you are just getting going. Nothing like losing your energy and your edge when you are a woman in the music industry. The strangest thing though that I never thought about with chronic illness is how sick people are immediately neutered. I am young and was all about sex positivity and I still am. I have noticed when I post stories to my instagram in my skivvies I get responses asking if I feel “well enough for that.” When you think of a young sick person what do you picture? Knit beanies, sponsored trips to amusement parks and overbearing moms? But, what if I’m just like you? What if I want to be in a band or get a job and have sex and celebrate my body? My body is fucking wild-it still wakes up everyday after having the equivalent of having almost heart attacks all the time and it looks good doing it. Yeah, I’m going to celebrate it.

People who aren’t well still want the abundance that you do and still want to be seen like you. My arteries malfunction but my mind still writes music and my body still sings. I think illness makes it easier to feel you’ve lost yourself. When you get pushed past your pain tolerance daily you sometimes want to give up. If you have a friend who’s going through it right now with their health please let them know that you still see them for who they are. Don’t make their identity about being the person who walks slow or can’t go to every party or can’t drink or smoke weed with you. They would if they could most likely it had nothing to do with their actual preferences. If you’re feeling lost in illness don’t forget what you came for. Bodies work sometimes and sometimes they don’t but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of all that you were.

Your health may be at 50% but you are still 100% that bitch.”

Check out more of Joon Glume’s work here:  TUMBLR

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