This concept was inspired by the idea of using fashion as a medium to bring awareness to ocean pollution and its impact on marine life and our beaches.

Our story takes place on Dead Horse Bay, a deserted, post-apocalyptic-esque shoreline less than an hour outside of Manhattan. From the wind-chime sound of the waves rolling over countless pieces of broken glass to the absence of human or animal presence, no set-design or prop-styling was needed to fabricate what was already an authentically eerie environment.

The narrative follows our protagonist through a disturbing “Ocean Wasteland“; her experience and expressions meant to portray a range of emotions from distress to disgust to resolute. Each piece of the wardrobe was custom-made entirely from recycled plastics by our stylist and costume designer, Kim Mesches.

Ultimately, our goal and intention with this shoot is to make an artistic impact by creating a conversation around the devastating effects of ocean pollution.

Team Credits:

Photographer: Grace Sciutto
Stylist/Designer Kim Mesches
Art Direction: Shannon Bender
HMU Veronika Robova 
Model: Radha represented by State Management NYC
Photo Assist: Richard Saralertsophon
Production Assist: Isabel Rangel

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