A Single That Rebels Against Everyone That’s Still Shaming Unabashed Sexuality

“In 2019 we are still “slut-shaming” ourselves out of expressing arguably our most human trait; animalistic sexuality. We should be able to show our bodies in whatever way we are comfortable with, admit that WE TOO have sex, and talk about our JUICE without being shamed for it, so this song is a big middle finger to anyone who is still blushing at the site of a bra-strap. -KOPPS

KOPPS have released the Official Lyric Video for their latest single “Get Juicy“, and it’s pure brilliance bottled up in a sensual rhythmic three-minute cacophony of hot n’ sexy groove progressions that will not only get you hot, but up and dancing toward the nearest dance floor. The track is KOPPS’ third single of 2019 with plans to continue to roll out new music in coming months, with an EP/Album release planned for spring/early summer 2020.

Never ones to take themselves too seriously, the Rochester-bred trio would tell you that their sound is like if Britney Spears and KoЯn f-cked, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Anchored by Patricia Patrón’s sultry vocals, the band has a knack for pop sensibility that they immediately flip on its head, evoking a titillating mix of electro, pop and nu metal. With a flair for the dramatic, KOPPS visuals and stage performance dabble into a creepy, twisted and often bizarr-o glam vibe but always with a wry sense of humor.

“‘Get Juicy‘ is full of carefully chosen ear candy production-wise, while also blatantly and shamelessly sexy. This single, about both orange juice as well as bodily secretions, titillates and excites moment by moment. The level of sexuality in the song is protruding and nearly slap-stick – and for good reason.”

Produced by:  Daniel Armbruster
Mixed by:  Johannes Raassina
Mastered by:  Joe LaPorta / Sterling Sound, NYC

Check out more of KOPPS’ here:  STREAM / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

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