Music artist Alvin Martin is a twenty year old singer-songwriter from Stockholm Sweden who fell on our ears recently when we got a clip on his newest song ‘Stay‘ and we’re blown away. Martin, by the age of nine, picked up a guitar for the first time and was, “Hooked“, he says.  Since then he has been on a journey that has led him down a path of music and now here to NAKID where we are premiering his amazing work for the first time.

For the last four years he has been writing his own songs, experimenting with all kinds of music forms, from EDM to more recently Pop Music.  Not surprisingly he also produces and mixes his own songs, something he says, “feels like I´m starting to find out what kind of music I want to show the world“.

“I wrote this song about a year ago. The story is all about coming to terms with the end of a relationship where both parts still want it work, but they can´t for some reason. Although, I wrote in such a happy environment that the theme of the song is more pleasant and nice as opposed to devastating. It´s a very respectful way of saying goodbye with some sense of melancholy wrapped in there.”
-Alvin Martin

Check out more of Alvin Martin’s music here:  INSTAGRAM



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