Fagedelics is a rap duo based in Dallas, Tx who’s chromatic presence is unapologetic and vibrant. Their talent has transcended all bias in the North Texas music scene, becoming local influencers with their unique gender-bending aesthetics and no-fucks giving attitudes.

Davida and Yhen met at a nightclub in Cedar Springs gay strip many years back. Both independent artists at the time clicked right away and decided to collab on a couple of songs. The rest was history.

For their latest project ‘Los Cuernos’, Yhen and Davida channeled their cultural backgrounds as LGBTQ Mexican-Americans. Drawing inspiration from Latin sounds and electronic melodies.

“Making a Latin song was so new for us we didn’t even know where to start, but we had to rep the LGBTQ+ Latin community HARD, and we sure fucking did! Making the song we had some influences and amazing artists on our minds like Pablo Vittar and La Gooney Chonga.

We definitely have more Latin music coming with Nurry and this song is such a BOP! We really hope everyone likes it! ” said Fagedelics about the project.

The producer for the track, Nurry Dog is no stranger to this sound. A voyeur in the Latin music scene, Hugo de Leon spends his time between Austin, Tx and Monterrey, Mexico.  Where he quickly became a key player in the Perreo and the global bass scene there. His sound can be explained as an eclectic mix between electronic and Latin genres like “Cumbia Rebajada”, one of the genres that the city adopted.

“Working in this collaboration was something more than exciting creatively, it was an explosion of emotions that are reflected in the same song, from the first moment we met we knew we had to work together and especially in raising the Latin flag that we carry inside.

Many times there are collaborations that do not occur because there is no such magic between the two parties, but this time it was more than that and together with our creative talent we could do this track and others that are coming in the future.” said Nurrydog about collaborating with Fagedelics.

The music video for the track was directed by Zachary Parks and features appearances by Boysim, Angel Saliva, Babiboi and more local queer performers.

Fagedelics is performing live at Lardi Land 1/18 so you can catch them live and keep up with them for more news via Instagram.

Words and Photos by http://instagram.com/__ScamLikely__


Nurry Dog

Zachary Parks