Julie & I is an anti-fashion film about two co-dependent friends living in fantasy, with one of them sometimes taking it too far. Shot on super 16mm and 8mm film, it’s inspired by French New Wave and is a metaphor for co-dependent friendships that turn toxic for the same reasons that made them beautiful. We intentionally borrowed a lot of imagery from videos and fashion films that we loved, to create a visual post-modern landscape crafted from contemporary video tastes. The goal was to also comment on some of today’s over-emphasis on aesthetic also going a little too far for the same reasons that make them so beautiful.

Writer/Director Bio:

Waley Wang is a Chinese-American filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. His directing focuses on stylized, poppy aesthetics with a heart, as well as a fascination with dark drama, absurd comedy, and the metaphysical. He is currently in pre-production for a music video and a fashion short.

Before directing, he worked as a corporate ghost writer, lit projects with subjects like Forrest Whittaker and Luis Guzman, and managed commercials for Chinese brands like Huawei and Bosideng.

He enjoys searching for the ever-obscuring experiences and uncultivated identity of being Chinese American, as well as the uncaptured humanity of being a young millennial / old gen z-er.

Cinematographer/Producer Bio:

Andrea Gavazzi is a cinematographer that grew up between Sao Paulo, Brasil and Roma, Italy. After years of travel and discovery he landed in NY where he lives shooting narrative, commercial, and music videos.




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