Sage Morei‘s debut release is a three track single centered around the title track, ‘SPIN‘. It comes accompanied by a music video filmed in Tokyo’s Amana Studio right by the ubiquitous Rainbow Bridge.

Sage is a nomad at heart. As such, his artistic works are created in all corners of the world, ingesting the essence of those places and the general feeling of being alien. The tracks on this gritty future-rock release received work in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Saigon and Hamburg.

The song ‘Spin’ combines a steady pulsating bass with dirty rock vocals and ethnic drum samples. Lyrically it deals with becoming comfortable in one’s own sinister fantasies and willfully giving in to the downward spiral that ensues.

The music video for ‘Spin‘ was created in unison with Taiwanese Tokyo-based director Kelly Liu. Originally it was intended to be a one-off 30 sec clip to be featured in collaborating photographer Santin Aki’s Taiwan exhibition. After the success of the July ’19 exhibition however, the team decided to add two additional setups in order to turn it into a full-length music video.

All glitch effects in the video were created by external analogue video devices (circuit benders) as not only to invoke a certain authenticity with the space theme in mind, but the rich analog textures also mean to contrast the saturated industry landscape of purely digital glitch effects.

By hybridizing the analog and digital worlds, the video aims to mirror the music in its fusion of a futuristic sound paired with gritty vocals.

Coming from an art direction background and having tried his hand at multiple musical endeavors, this release marks Sage Morei’s solo debut.

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