Music artist Sabiyha is out with their new single ‘Choorile‘. A symphonic blending of hypnotic vocal techniques emerging from Sabiyha’s inner soul. India’s Carnatic traditions weep within the broken English and a forward-facing beats-led approach that is her radiant signature (nodding to an obsession growing up with the latest grime tracks from Channel U & Choice FM), finessed in Okumu’s studios with Avi Barath. A reclamation of a Guyanese term derived from a folkloric tale about a banshee-like creature, the word Choorile has become short-hand for women who are perceived to be too loud, unruly or assertive.

Born in Croydon, Sabiyha was raised in a large, boisterous extended family (tight-knit with 13 cousins), formerly relocated from South America’s Guyana and headed up by matriarch ‘Nanny’. Fittingly, her debut track ‘Choorile’ – a feminist reclamation of a Guyanese term used as a by-word for women perceived to be too loud or unruly – pays tribute to powerful women, inspired first hand by Sabiyha’s own whip-smart Mum.

It’s this uncompromising inhabiting of space which spills over into the takedown of ‘Choorile’, with her supple vocals caught up between bars of broken English and elements of South India’s Carnatic traditions. Growing up in Sabiyha’s house was never silent, her teenage world sound-tracked by the latest tracks from Choice FM and Channel U, with Grime and soca playing at day-to-night parties round BBQs. It’s a balance which reflects the broader interplay between her cultural heritage – brought into sharper focus by an affecting recent trip to Sabiyha’s parents’ former home, Guyana – and the ease of Croydon’s multicultural dynamic.

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