Indie-pop songstress ZOLA has released a gorgeous new music video for her latest single, “Don’t Eat” via KIDinaKORNER Records.

Don’t Eat” was shot and directed by Australian cinematographer/director Polly Pierce. VFX Supervision was lead by Brad Scott, and coloring was spearheaded by Arnot Snow.

About the new music video track, ZOLA says:

“Don’t Eat” was never the first song that I wanted to do a music video for but when Polly Pierce heard the song, she was immediately inspired to film something. In the song I talk about fairies and crystals and the production is very ethereal and ambient. This sparked the idea of using a lot of glitter and having the shots be constantly moving and flowing. The tune is also quite vulnerable and honest in its lyrics therefore we did a lot of close up shots where I’m staring into the camera dead on. We wanted the video to feel chilling and magical at the same time. I think we achieved that. – ZOLA

“Don’t Eat”
 is the third offering ahead of her full length project, and puts ZOLA’s storytelling prowess on full display. The single is a dense listen, veering away from the lighthearted rhythms of previous French-infused singles “Crystal Floors” and “Téléphone” into a stripped down, acoustic lane. On “Don’t Eat,” ZOLA exposes her fears for being “eaten whole” by the infamous faces of the music industry. The eerie, beautiful harmonies in “Don’t Eat” lend themselves to the theme of the track.

ZOLA, an old soul in a young body, is a 22 year old singer and songwriter hailing from San Francisco, CA. With picturesque lyrics and a soulful breathy cadence, ZOLA is a unique genre-bending gem. The young songstress surprises her audience with her wise songwriting and clever combination of soul, jazz, R&B and indie-pop. She is a rare voice hellbent on redefining what it means to be a singer/songwriter in the age of technology

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Photos by Polly & W. Pierce


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