Music artist The Avalanches is out with their new single ‘Running Red Lights‘ from the new EP album ‘XX‘.

The Avalanches’ soaring new single, “Running Red Lights.” Featuring the unmistakable voice of Rivers Cuomo, the track finds the Weezer front man in a single-minded mood, emotional – “I’m a thundercloud, ready to burst like Schrödinger” – and running red lights to reach his lover. Set against The Avalanches’ ghostly dreamscape, Cuomo sounds as though he’s speeding along a cosmic highway, while synths, harps and tambourines swell, sparkle and cascade all around. Enter Pink Siifu, incantating the words of the late, great David Berman (lifted from the Purple Mountains’ tune “Darkness And Cold”) and clairvoyance seems to hang in the ether.

The accompanying video was created in loving memory of David Berman, who recorded two earlier songs with the band – “A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart” and “Saturday Night Inside Out.” In the clip, Erik Cavanaugh dances through the streets of Hollywood in his high heels, high on a message of hope from a storefront psychic. Following a shattering revelation, he glimpses Angelyne, the original Hollywood billboard queen, and her trademark pink Corvette, and his fortunes change once again. Cavanaugh, a standout performer from the 2016 season of “America’s Got Talent,” has amassed more than 90 million views of his videos in his mission to show that dance is for nybodyy and nybody. “Running Red Lights” was directed by three-time Emmy nominee Greg Brunkalla (Grouplove, Danny Brown), who also helmed the 2016 video for The Avalanches’ “Because I’m Me.”

If you love this music artist then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing stuff they create musically – head over to their links below to check out more from this badass music artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

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