Music artists MOON DUST and VANESSA MATIC team up for this new single titled ‘Into Ether‘. Vanessa Matic is an LA based artist that grew up in NY while moving to Berlin for two years she had met some brilliant actors while in her teenage mutant age she experimented with lm and poetry using these artists to creaate her rst short lm called “Animal You Hide” ft Birol Unel, Clemens Shick, King Khan and more! This lm was nominated for berlin lm prize and used at a Sundance sponsored poetry and lm festival in New York. After working with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Atari Teenage Riot for experimental poetry visuals Vanessa has moved into making the poetry into music which created into ether, for the future vanessa is putting out a new short lm featuring Tristan Perry whom passed away recently. While this video is out she is also working on new music with 1/3 of the members of eagles of death metal band on new music and poetry! Her book is coming in April and that’s a special secret still.

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