Today on NAKID we have the exclusive premiere of electronic music artist, Nya Bloom’s newest music video for his single ‘Alright’ which is especially impactful and brings meaning to the times we’re in today. A storied past of triumph over adversity, through a series of traumatic events that include a bankruptcy, a bad break up, and the death of a best friend gave rise from the ashes to Nya Bloom. His debut single serves as a testament to willpower in trying times, wishing those well and acknowledging that eventually, things will get better. Something we should all remember in the midst of the world’s ongoing fight against the COVID-19 virus. This is the lead single from Nya Bloom’s debut Exhale EP, which releases everywhere this Summer.

The narrative of his debut project, Exhale, is that of a deconstruction of identity; a dismantling of deeply-entrenched beliefs by trudging through the dark spaces where fear and insecurity and pride reside. An enigmatic visionary at his core, Nya Bloom’s project sees worldwide scope.

Infused with the songwriting and story telling of bands like Thrice and Circa Survive, Nya Bloom colors a deeply personal expression of healing through the colors and fully immersive sonic experience only electronic music can provide. Going beyond just blurring the lines, two completely separate worlds are merged together to create a fully immersive multimedia experience. Nya Bloom (real name Aaron Perez) grew up in the rural areas of Hemet, CA, inspired by the visual storytelling of writers like Christopher Nolan, The Wachowski Sisters and more recently, Trey Edward Shultz. Nya Bloom’s debut EP and short film takes the voyeur on a modern day Hero’s Journey paying homage to Joseph Campbell’s work. As a graduate from the prestigious Icon Collective College of Music in Los Angeles, there will be no shortage of symbolism and interactive psychological play when watching this project bloom.

A sonic work riding the line between alternative and electronic, “Alright” is a testament to willpower in trying times. Combining his impressive technical background in production with his own buoyant vocals, Nya Bloom creates an infectious backsound littered with positive messages in his debut. Showcasing some of the best that is yet to come, “Alright” is the powerful beginning to the narrative of Nya Bloom.


“‘Alright’ was made when I was going through a big transition, personally and musically. It just fell out of my head in one night after a big dry spell. There was a big relief that came with it, the song just puts me in a good mood and I needed that at that time.”Nya Bloom


You can catch Nya Bloom on a Reddit AMA to Follow Debut on r/IconCollective @ 1pm PST on Thursday, March 26 as well!

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Check out more of Nya Bloom and their music here:  INSTAGRAM / SOUNDCLOUD

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