Music artist Daphne Guinness is out with their new 3-part music video for ‘Deviant Disco‘ directed by David LaChapelle!  The Tony Visconti-produced single is out now across platforms and not only does it scream genius creative direction from the likes of LaChapelle, but the musical intuition and track sequence is beautiful and anything but mellow as Guinness brings you deep down into her world with each progression. She is a light among the darkness whose music draws your body in and moves you to weightlessness.


This new track, ‘Deviant Disco’ arrives alongside release details for Guinness’ forthcoming third solo album, ‘Revelations’, due out May 22. The album continues her ongoing collaboration with Visconti, also at the helm for her previous two releases, 2016’s ‘Optimist In Black’ and 2018 follow-up ‘Daphne & The Golden Chord’. Their partnership began via a recommendation by David Bowie, a fan of Guinness’ music who introduced her to Visconti.

Whilst Daphne’s face & name are familiar to many already from her work across fashion (Alexander McQueen frequently cited her as a muse & close friend) and film (she’s also produced the Oscar-nominated Cashback), she actually started out singing when she was a teenager – a genuine music obsessive, she gained a place at Guildhall Music School to train as a Lieder singer, before life made other plans for her.

Guinness’ new single release, ‘Deviant Disco’ summons up an imaginary nightspot populated by the kinds of characters you might imagine walking off the pages of Leonora Carrington’s illustrations. Speaking about the track, Daphne says “It’s the nightclub of my imagination…. The Deviant Disco is that place we can go to in our minds when we’re lost in music…”. Stream the new track from here.

‘Revelations’ features a band with the likes of Malcolm Doherty and Terry Miles (Go-Kart Mozart), Roger Manning Jr (Air, Beck)and Rod Melvin (Brian Eno) amongst its ranks – slipping into their white Repetto shoes, they capture the nonchalant grooves of mid 70’s Gainsbourg, sprinkled with the dance floor decadence of Studio 54. It was Bowie himself – a friend and fan of her music – who first introduced Daphne to Tony and she’s been working with the legendary producer ever since. Daphne says of the sessions: “I discovered Studio Saint Germain by chance. It’s where Edith Piaf and Gainsbourg recorded. We decamped to Paris for a week and recorded live to analogue tape to soak up some of the Left Bank magic!”

Check out more of Daphne Guinness and their music here:  INSTAGRAMTWITTER  / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK

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