Danish-Greek music artist, Athina, premieres her second single ’Waterproof’ today on NAKID! With Latin inspired claps and dreamy guitars, Athina sings about detaching herself from unhealthy love to stand on her own two feet with vulnerability as her powerhouse.

Athina is a Noir Pop artist based in Copenhagen with anangelicvoice and a charismatic presence. She is greatly inspired by strong female characters as Frida Kahlo and Lana Del Rey which is easilyrecognizedon her newest single “Waterproof”.

Athina explains:

“The song is about looking into the eyes of someone you love and realizing that they’ve build a fortress around their heart guarded by soldiers that won’t move no matter how hard you try. You recognize their pain and you wanna wrap your arms around them to make it all go away,but you can’t.All you can do is to love them from a distance. Which unfortunately also is something a lot of us are forced to right now with covid 19.”

In “Waterproof” Athina uses the ocean as reference in her songwriting as well asher visuals. Using her body as a canvas Athina expresses how love, insecurities and vulnerability goes hand in hand. In collaboration with fashion photographer Simone Steenberg who’ve shot for Italian Vogueseveral times Athina wanted to challenge her own insecurities about being exposedand feeling vulnerable. Both Athina and Steenberg share a great passion for the female body,water, sustainability and environmental awareness. Are perfect match for this video where Athina is dressed in second clothing on a secret beach in Northern DenmarK.

“I wrote the song about a previous loverthat was constantly pretending to be okay when he wasn’t. I wanted to tell him that he was good enough and thatit’s okay to bevulnerable. But in the music video I wanted to explore my own insecurities and express my vulnerability in pictures. I’ve always admired the female body but when I was looking at my own body,I focused too much on what I thought was my flaws.I wanted to reconnect with nature and the oceanand to feel that I was okay just as nature created me and with Simone, I really felt that shooting the video. It was a very meaningful experience.” Athina explains.

Working with Steenberg “Waterproof” became not only a love song, it also became a vulnerability project for Athina exploring her own body in different elements and postures with a message to everyone about feeling happy about yourself. That you are perfect just the way nature created you. Athina’s first single is called “Stay” and came out with a self-produced music video shoot in Greece. A song described as Thom Yorke and Lana Del Rey’s unwanted child. It got air play in Belgium radio after Athina opened for Tamino. “Stay” also got picked up by Scandinavia’s largest music magazine Gaffa who predicted “a bright future in music” for Athina. In addition, Universal music distribution platform Spinnup named Athina “artist of the month”. She has played in several parts of the world from Copenhagen, Denmark to NYC at Global Goals World Cup.

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