Photographer Jaleesa Van Beek and model Mousasw teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Homeland‘. In an estate far from home, a marvelous smile was hidden a lifetime. A journey started when horses showed the way. Every single step was perfectly in sync with the rhythm of his in inflamed heart pounding. Resistance came to play when the road became more visible. Seduced to step outside and take a leap, because the predefined line was never his to keep. This was his parade and lines were there to be crossed. He became one with the crown, that never weighed too heavy. He finally woke up in paradise… and never slept again. He came home.

Jaleesa van Beek is an Amsterdam based artist that is mostly working with fashion photography. She has worked in various sides of the fashion industry as an entrepreneur or manager of fashion forward brands, such as Givenchy and KENZO, where she developed an eye for aesthetics. In her work she focuses on capturing raw divinity that comes from detaching from body consciousness and connecting with inner strength. She hereby aims to create a sensual form of freedom in a world that is dominated by the critical gaze.

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