Music artist Dope Saturn is out with his new single ‘Is This Love?‘, and inspired by emotions of falling in love and being heartbroken. It’s about asking yourself, “how far are you willing to hang onto something even though you already know it’s not going to be a happily ever after ending.”, says Dope Saturn. A Manchester, England-based independent artist, he’s heavily inspired by the fun, free, feel-good nostalgic music from the ’90s and early 2000’s “good music to match good times.”.

“I’m inspired by the journey of life, delving into a variety of topics such as success, the pressure of being great, women’s empowerment and love. I make music with a firm grasp on life’s complexities and break them down into digestible sound bites music lovers can relate to. My music packs plenty of vibes to match the good space music is in right now.”

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