Performing today at LOVE FROM HOME FEST, music artist Revenge Wife, is set to make her debut on NAKID! As part of our ongoing coverage all weekend, we sat down to interview each of our guests beginning with Recent Wife!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story. How did your background and culture shape you and what creative expression means to you and why? 

Hi! I’m Revenge Wife, I started making music 10 years ago with my band HOLYCHILD (I’m the singer), and now I’m moving on to start a solo project! Art has been so instrumental in my life. It’s my expression and my therapy. I definitely have a hard time in relationships, just with all of them hahah, so art is my outlet. 

Artistic expression is beauty in humanity, a way of releasing one’s self from within – was music something that called to you over time more than other artistic avenues or did you just know at some point? 

Self-expression through art has always been so important to me, whether it was writing painting, dancing. I actually grew up as a dancer and had a really strong relationship to music that way. Moving to it and what not. I realized I could write songs in 2011, and I’m grateful to do music projects because I think it allows me to express myself in various mediums. Writing with lyrics, visually with making videos, musically with playing, and still I get to dance. I realized a few years ago that music is my favorite medium, and I want to grow into the strongest song writer I can. 

What was it like growing up in and around LA for you? How has that shaped your found talent musically?

I actually grew up in New Hampshire, but I’ve lived in LA for 8 years. It’s amazing to be surrounded by artists and other musicians. The main reason it that it just feels like art and music is a viable career path, and I don’t feel that in other cities. Not to mention, it’s so inspiring. The music community in LA is really supportive and I’m so grateful for that. 

How has your music process and writing changed from when you started, and what things do you focus on most with respect to your brand or image and music that make up you as a music artist?

My writing process has gotten so much more precise with time. Now when I write a song, I can channel a feeling really easily. I wasn’t able to do that before. The thing I focus the most on is how genuine I’m being. In every choice I make I want to be so honest to myself, even visually. Like, is what I’m wearing sooo me? Are my lyrics so honest? That’s really important to me. 

How has COVID-19 affected you & your family personally and your community during this period of lockdown?

Well, obviously it’s really nebulous and uncertain financially. ASCAP postponed royalties which is how I get a lot of my money, so it’s kind of scary. But I think we’re all in the same boat. It’s so uncertain for all of us. I’m praying for us, guys! 

What have you been doing during the lockdown to stay sane?

I’m really trying to use this time to grow into a new version of myself. I’m reading a lot of spiritual and self-help book. I also am going through a break up right now so that *sucks.* But I’m trying to know myself better and that’s been a process. I feel like I’ve turned into a housewife, cooking, cleaning, rearranging furniture. But also I’m writing a ton of music! 

If you had to take one person alive or dead into quarantine lockdown with you for 30 days and you only got one object to take with you what would it be and who would you pick?

I would quarantine with myself from a past life and I would bring a piano and I would ask her all sorts of things like what her world was like and did she accomplish her goals and I would tell her I love her. 

What’s the first thing you wanna do or go to when the lockdown ends, what do you miss most?

I’m moving after all this! I live in the city and I’m moving to nature! I love nature and have been thinking of this for a while, sooo I’m out haha.

What new music do you have on the horizon?

I have been writing so many songs in quarantine! And I also am finishing up an album that I was working on for before that. It’s my first release with Revenge Wife! I’m trying to make some music videos while I’m home. Eek!

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is my cat, her name is Baby Cat and she’s so sweet. Every night I thank God that I can experience her sweet energy.

What’s your favorite thing about making music and playing music live?

My favorite thing about making music is the connection I have with myself when I’m writing, and my favorite thing about playing it live is the connection with the audience. 

What’s one thing that was a challenge you had to overcome choosing this music path and how did it affect you and your writing?

I used to get so bogged down by negative Youtube comments and shit like that. It would debilitate me. I think I’ve learned to have greater resolve in myself and that’s been a major shift in my writing because I’ve learned to just.. say what I want to say more! 

What’s the hardest thing about being a musician? 

The hardest thing about being a musician are the merits of success and how today “success” can be measured in numbers. Instagram followers, spotify plays, etc. The industry uses these against musicians. I think the industry is always trying to prove a musician will fail, so they don’t have to invest in them. If you support an artist, it’s so amazing to support them on all platforms, in everything they put out and do. Because there are people looking at those numbers and it directly impacts the artist. Unfortunately! I hate that value system and when I think about it too much I’m like “why bother?” 

How do you think the DYI movement through social media and internet in general has changed the industry and changed the way musical artists like yourself get discovered and reach new fans? What’s that kind of personal ability to directly connect to your fans meant to you as an artist and during this time? How do you think this event in history will change the internet and how we interact socially whether it be music or art or just in general?

I love interacting with people who connect with my music. I think for me, I’m most honest when I’m writing so the people who connect with it, I don’t know I feel like there’s just this mutual understanding of existence. The internet and social media has always played a big part in maintaining that connection. It’s been really important for me to be able to communicate with people. I feel like the people who connect with my music are such a major part of my life to be honest. I’m so grateful to have that interaction now. 

What advice do you have for aspiring artists and those out there having a hard time during this lockdown?

My advice is it’s ok. I know it’s uncomfortable for all of us, but if we learn how to sit in this discomfort a little bit we’re all going to grow a lot. We’re going to grow regardless! This is already a life changing period for us, and we don’t need to do anything in order to reap the eventual benefits of it. But right now it’s hard and it’s probably going to get harder. I think we can all handle it. Create art when you want! Rest when you want! Everything will work out.

Thank you for joining us and check out LOVE FROM HOME FEST today starting at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST!!

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