Music artist Belladon is coming out with their new EP album ‘DREAMING/DREADING‘ in May, and it is feisty synth-dance-rock riffs with an indie grunge feel to it that has you shaking your feet on the dance floor while shaking your fist to the sky. The culmination of singer Aimee Jacobs, who started out taking piano lessons as a child at the age of seven, ‘DREAMING‘, has hard hitting anthems such as ‘GO GO‘ down to swifter reverberations such as ‘IN MY EYE‘ and ‘IF YOU CAN’T‘.

As a child she had a deep desire to start voice lessons, but in the states they don’t really start formal voice training until at least twelve years old. She knew then that she wanted to be a musician and she’s never looked back. Eventually becoming old enough to start getting vocal training, she received classical voice and piano lessons on and off for the next decade. I

As a young musician now, she has toured all over the country, including Mexico City and some of the UK after she had finished high school with projects she was lending her talents too at the time. She basically graduated and started playing in clubs right from the start, most of which she was too young to be allowed into starting at seventeen. She’d been performing for over a decade stashing secret songs she had written in her journal but never really pursued.

Eventually it got to a point where she was juggling a job, travels/shows on top of going back to school for Opera performance, yes OPERA!  She was learning how to sing and interpret art songs and aria’s in multiple languages. It was something she really enjoyed to study and interpret music from the past, but her true calling was in songwriting. She always wanted to have her own project and overloading herself was just a way to fill this void. Eventually she finally worked up the courage to start up Belladon.  She quit school, quit her other projects and started working on this EP; the first collection of songs coming out off of the double EP Dreaming/Dreading due out May 16th.

If you love this music artist then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing stuff they create musically – head over to their links below to check out more from this badass music artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

Check out more of BELLADON and their music here:  INSTAGRAMWEBSITE

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