Music artist ZOOLUXX release new music video on BLIND OWL out today for the new single ‘Brown Boogie‘ for New Music Friday’s!. The video, filmed live at Moroccan Lounge at their record release party, is a tribute to life before the Covid-19 pandemic. Filmed entirely on handheld devices, the video patches together footage from different audience members and illuminates the feeling of their raw Rock n Roll experience we are all currently missing.

Formed in Los Angeles from the ashes of a locally-beloved blues outfit, Zooluxx makes raw, rhythmic music that nods to the band’s influences — including 1960s rock & roll, electric blues, Parliament Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, and Afrobeat — while still sounding fresh and feral. It’s spontaneous dance music rooted in grooves and guitars, both modern in its explosively eclectic approach and proudly old-school in its reverence for analog sound. Ghetto Starship was released in June 2019, introducing Zooluxx’s sound to those who had yet to catch the band in concert. Recorded to analog tape on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s old API console in San Diego, the EP found the guys working with Karl Denson, a multi-instrumentalist and producer who currently tours as a member of the Rolling Stones. Arriving less than a year later, the follow-up EP Just a Little Bit shines a light on the spontaneity of a Zooluxx gig, even kicking off with an improvisational jam called “Golden Gun Blues.” With its mix of raw energy, sharp songcraft, and uplifting lyrics, Just a Little Bit will be released next year by Blind Owl both digitally and on vinyl on January 31st, with Ghetto Starship as the B-Side on the vinyl release.

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