BLAZAR is a collective of top producers, artists, and writers collaborating with Artist/Producer Jerad Finck. He wanted to make a record old school, really developing the songs bar by bar, with all of the coolest cats and producers he’s met over the years in something entirely new, a collaborative effort of rad people with creative freedom. This has been dream of his to do, and over the last couple years has been working on this. Songs on BLAZAR are by Jerad Finck and include collabs with power produce/writer Steven Solomon (Wrote Jame’s Arthurs Hit “Say You won’t Let Go”), Denny White (Tiesto, The Fray), Anthony Resta (Duran Duran, Collective Soul), Troy Welstadt (Pink), Jay Condiotti (Next Top Model, ScoreKeepers Composer), Hans Dekline *Grammy Winning Mastering Engineer), Jake Newton (Sleeping Wolf), David Filice (Run DMC), DAXSEN (Tiesto).

How and where did you get together?

I’ve been touring and making a living as an Indie Artist for a few years now. My last single as “Jerad Finck” sold 57,000 copiers and debuted on Billboard. From all of that I signed a label deal with AntiFragile Records under Tom Sarig, and he offered me the chance to do what I wanted. So I created BLAZAR, with all of my friends. We’ve completed a full album and this is the first single off of it.

What are the band’s main influences?

I wanted this to be a kind of Gorillaz meets Duran Duran meets the Killers meets Michael Jackson.
Have you played any notable gigs, festivals or other events? Likewise radio or TV appearances?
BLAZAR is just starting. We had booked LeeStock in the UK which is a pretty huge festival this summer as our debut gig, but COVID cancelled our night.

BLAZAR strikes again with another addictive and creative new single. This time around, the alternative energy stands taller than ever, taking tips from mainstream pop as much so as organic, instrumental funk and electronic rock. Rather than try to pigeon-hole Better by using genre labels though, this music is about the artist and the songwriting. BLAZAR has crafted a fascinating, refreshing and quickly energizing release, progressing uniquely from a spacious, intriguing verse, to a hard-hitting, bright and optimistic hook, which showcases not only melodic evolution but an entire re-working of the soundscape. Without a doubt, a personal favourite from BLAZAR to date. That hook is immense, the seductive rising melody, those unexpected notes that still manage to satisfy and engage – it’s a memorable, uplifting and cool moment, which follows a series of fairly alternative, creative instances during the verse. Everything resolves perfectly, intrigue is followed by answers, and then when you revisit the song, the entire structure, passion and positivity of it shine with unquestionable brightness.Impeccable writing, infectious and impressive, with more than a few production traits that really help further the recognisable identity of the artist.This single marks the first of BLAZAR’s self-produced label releases, a huge leap to take for an indie artist, but the results speak volumes on behalf of dedication and skill alike -Stereo Stickman

“Better’ is a simple track about just being tired of mundane mediocrity, about needing something better, about knowing there is something better out there, and knowing you can have it.

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