Mark P. Wills is a freelance writer and director based in Sydney, Australia. He studied at the International Film School Sydney (IFSS) and the Australian Film and Television Radio School (AFTRS). Mark is known for his devotion to visual lyricism and is firmly committed to exploring films that blur the line between darkness and beauty.

“Thematically, I’ve always had this fascination with making things people might find unusual or strange, beautiful; the overlapping clash that happens when darkness, beauty, comedy, and violence are juxtaposed to form one absurd, singular idea. With Blood Orange, I wanted to explore these themes in a really visceral way; the contrast between beautiful depth in the visuals and the actual content of what is being conveyed to the audience. At the same time, we wanted to present something that steered away from all the social or political topics on the world climate and showcase a short film that was a little different; something that just sucked you into its own world.”

This film is about  a blind man tormented by the mysterious disappearance of his guide dog, is one day visited by a sadistic childhood friend, igniting a disturbing journey of self-discovery.


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Rahel Romahn
Matt Levett
Sam Glistens
Michael Denkha
Steve Maresca
Alice Zahalka
Aleks Mikić
Richard James Allen I
Helena Parker
Verde Alyce
Emma Carrol

Writer/Director: M.P. Wills
Producer/Editor: Shank Galé
Cinematography: Kieran Fowler NZCS, ACS
Production design: Lee Launay
1st AD: James Fraser
2nd AD: Holly Fraser
Jonathon Buckland
1st AC: Simon Noonan
2nd AC: Drew English
Matt Floyd
Kristi Gilligan
Sound: Oliver Dibley
Steadicam: Damian King
Art Director: Kizz W Strang
Costume: Vittoria Merlino-Dentice
Set Decorator: Pele Hehea
Gaffer: Matt Wilson
Lighting hand: Alan Fraser
Nathan Grant
Key Grip: Damian Heckendorf
Jojo Hanson
Gary Lincoln
Lachlan Dandy
Crane operators: Ian Burton
Andy Smith
HMU/FX: Emma Lee Court
Additional HMU: Brodie Simpson
Colorist: Matt Fezz
Sound design: Mathew Lambourn
Dialogue Editor: George Palmer
Sound effects editors: Yong-Le Chong
Callum Scott
Voice over: Rod Mullinar
Music Supervisor: Martyn Richmond
Animal Wrangler: Ann Harris
Stills Photographers: Julian Tynan
David A Knight
Film Development: Neglab
Post Producer: Jenna Udy
Re-recording mixer: Tim Chaproniere
Foley Artist: James Carroll
Foley recordist: Simon Riley

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