Lada Beseda kicked off the month of April with a heartfelt single titled, “Betrayal.” “Betrayal” discusses heartbreak and is inspired by a true story.

“One of my fans told me a story about how his girlfriend cheated on him. The story was very touching, so I ended up making a song based off of the situation.”

With her unique sound and genre-bending production, the songstress delivers a soulful song that fans can really enjoy. “Betrayal” balances the somber topic with an uplifting beat. Lada produced the beat.

“I feel that there aren’t many female producers, so I want to showcase my production skills to inspire others.”

Lada Beseda recently released two singles, “Girl Till Morning Light” and “Stormy Ocean.” She is currently working on a project to be released later this year with many of the songs to be accompanied by visuals showcasing Lada’s directing chops. Lada is being managed by M.E.I. Recordings. Although one plans for shows have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lada Beseda is dedicated to her fans and will continue to give fans something to look forward to.

Lada Beseda is originally from the Ukraine. Her family wanted her to go to school to become a doctor, but Lada had dreams of becoming a musician. She left home at 16 years old and sustained herself with three jobs. She would sing on the streets and in bars. Lada came to the USA when she was 19 years old, initially living in California to work and better learn the music industry. Eventually, Lada settled in Miami, Florida. Prior to linking up with M.E.I. Recordings, Lada was ghostwriting and producing songs for various artists. Lada Beseda’s untitled project is set to be released later this year. It will demonstrate her versatility: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Trap sounds will be heard throughout.

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