Today we are excited to bring you  Tafari Anthony. Featuring determined beats, resolute lyrics and vivacious pop soundscapes all ascend into a dynamic and completely addictive track, highlighting the singer’s powerhouse vocals.

Tafari (pronounced Ta-far-eye) Anthony is a Toronto based artist whose music blends Pop, R&B and Soul. He is an artist who embodies the spirit of the modern musician. Not just a musician, but a creator. Known for his sleek vocal tones, sultry melodies and music which oozes with personality, Tafari leaves listeners in awe – somewhat apt considering his name means “He who inspires awe”.

His influences range from artists like Prince and John Legend, to more contemporary artists like Lennon Stella and Charlie Puth, among others. Often described as a mix of Sam Smith and MNEK, Tafari creates deeply emotional songs that resonate across generations. “All of these artists are creating music that is pop in its own right, but also so different from each other”, shares the musician.

Having taken a break from music in 2018 to focus on creating new material which explored his own personal soundscape, Tafari returned early 2020 with the release of “Centerfold” – a pop anthem which took both critics and fans by storm. Following closely in its footsteps is the infectious “Live in a Dream”. Narrating the struggle to find contentment in your current situation, Tafari confides, “We are constantly trying to strive for more, and I know personally I feel a great deal of failure or shame if I don’t live upto expectations. Far too often in my career I’ve had many people try to tell me who I should be and try to mold me into something that they’ve already seen. The promise of a greater future if you do this and that, had me do many things I would’ve never done in order to chase someone else’s vision. But I had to slow down and stop worrying about what I don’t have, and who I don’t know and be happy to live my own personal journey.”

The inspiring new single encourages others to dream like we used to when we were children – dream despite the obstacles, setbacks, and alternate routes that try to stop us. Fight for what you want, take back your power and find contentment in your current situation.

“Live in a Dream” sonically has a rebellious feel to it. Produced by Alexander Flockhart (Off Bloom, What So Not, Vera, Kill J, Malou Prytz), the two connected with each other on SoundBetter (Powered by Spotify for Artists) and instantly resonated on their mutual goal of creating genre-bending pop music with an edge. Tafari was aware of the UK pop scene and as a result the new single incorporates elements of afro-beat and a reggae inspired marching anthem. With influences such as HolyChild, Seinabo Sey and Labrinth, the new single emits a very matter of fact approach. Determined beats, resolute lyrics and vivacious pop soundscapes all ascend into a dynamic and completely addictive track, highlighting the singer’s powerhouse vocals.

Tafari has seen success with his music garnering acclaim from the likes of PAPER Magazine, Earmilk and Variance Magazine, to name a few. He has been nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award and receives regular airplay on CBC Radio, with one of his singles being named one of CBC’s Most Influential Songs of 2016. The singer has also performed alongside Shangela (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and has performed at Toronto’s Dundas Square and Massey Hall.

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