Apollo Complex created this track with no specific intention in mind, following only his intuition the sound evolved organically over time. During the process, the contour of the music took different forms, but not in any way absolute, a fluid architecture emerged which was guided mostly by feeling. The intention here is to produce music that one can freely associate their feelings with, hopefully the fluidity of this track shall tease the listener into some state of feeling…

With roots In India, Algeria and Sweden; Apollo Complex draws inspiration from equally diverse sources for their music production. The Apollo Complex project was formed in Melbourne, Australia while living in and traveling through South East Asia. During this time Apollo Complex got exposed to a wide variety of music, from various genres, the influence of which can be noticed in the sound produced the sound produced. The resulting sound produced can be described as atmospheric, equally coloured by intuition as much as inspiration and musical exploration. At different times pulsing, pensive and ethereal; I wish to take the listener on an adventure into dreamy atmospheres where there exists no mind limitations.

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