Florida’s explosive rap sensation Liljitm3n releases a new single Letter To My Momma”, via 300 Entertainment. “Letter To My Momma” is a personal track dedicated to his biggest supporter, his mother. On the track, Liljitm3n bears his soul with bars that detail his emotions about his relationship with his mom and the tough times that made him the person he is today.

“When my manager met me I was living in a homeless shelter with my momma and little sister. There was no food in the house, no water, not even a phone that worked. That was less than a year ago and now I walk with at least two racks on me every day. No matter how bad my situation was, no matter how hungry I was for a better life,  I always had hope. I just want my friends and family out there to never lose hope! Always dream!” – Liljitm3n on “Letter to my Momma” 

“Letter To My Momma” has a mid-tempo beat that compliments Liljitm3n’s somber words perfectly. The track has a heartfelt and emotionally-rich sound that is still digestible for listeners. The deeply personal song is a departure from one of Liljitm3n’s latest singles, “When I Shit,” showing a more raw and vulnerable side of Liljitm3n’s music. “Letter To My Momma” will give listeners insight into Liljitm3n’s struggles and triumphs that led to his come up. As he continues to deliver eruptive songs, Liljitm3n proves he is on the rise and isn’t letting anything slow him down.

Liljitm3n, hailing from Palm Beach County Florida, is making waves in rap music. As one of 300 Entertainment’s newest artists, Liljitm3n is just getting started, and only has bigger moves ahead. His hard-hitting lyrics solidify him as a standout artist to be watched. This summer the South Florida hailing rapper will be dropping his debut mixtape in June. Stay tuned for the come up.

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