Alternative electronic act SINE releases their first video single of the year from their forthcoming album, Mantis, with the track Desolate District. The song is highlighted by a compelling vocal and lyrical contribution from Chris Connelly (ex-Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pigface), marking one of Connelly’s first appearances since announcing his departure from the previous 2020 Ministry tour. The song was written in December of 2019, before the pandemic drastically changed our lives. Chris’ lyrical content and song title seemed to predict our future, which makes this song so relevant to the current times. Wrought with a heavy, mid-tempo synthetic pulse and foreboding seductiveness, Desolate District marks a distinct and impressive advancement in SINE’s high-fashion/dark aesthetic approach.

Rona Rougeheart, founder and principal songwriter of SINE, musical creativity is on high alert here and Connelly’s lyrical prose and signature croon, sang in duet with Rougeheart, resonates immediately with the current times

Connelly discusses why he sang on Desolate District:

“I felt a really strong connection to SINE’s music so it was an honour to be asked to collaborate. The music is compelling, intelligent and that always pushes me in a very inspired direction, as far as my words, vision, and voice goes. Can’t wait to do another some time”

Rougeheart talks about how the collaboration came about:

“I met Chris Connelly about 2 years ago through my partner, Curse Mackey, who is his bandmate in Pigface. I never really got to talk to Chris much until November 2019 when Pigface played their last show of the tour at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL. We were all backstage chatting and he commented to me that he liked my music. I was so happy he said that, to which I asked if he was ever into collaborating and he said, “Yes!”. At the time, I had just completed music for a SINE song along with Curse, but had no vocals on it, nor did it have a title. I decided to send it to Chris and let his creativity flow!”

Desolate District was co-produced by Curse Mackey, known for his solo work as well as in Pigface, Evil Mothers and My life with the Thrill Kill Kult. This marks the third SINE track that Mackey has contributed to. The video was produced and edited by Rona Rougeheart in the early months of 2020 and was filmed in Austin, TX, Chicago, IL and Singapore. The idea was to compile footage from herself, Chris Connelly and performer, Sher Chew. She met Sher Chew through another performer she worked with previously last year, Vangeline.

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