The debut of GEO AF – the zany new music concept from LA’s stewards of the night, Jarvis Anderson and Charlie Cosser of GEO. The guys have pivoted through the pandemic, with a spin-off of their notorious club night – a fun new offering for nightlife and music fans looking for something a bit…weird.

As news of Covid-19 surfaced in California, the epic GeoMetro Party in LA’s Arts District had to go on hiatus, which led Jarvis and Charlie to the idea of a TV show where the spirit of GEO could reach people all around the world. In their garage they fashioned a set out of repurposed materials from the club night.

Thus GEO AF was born, powered by Jarvis and Charlie’s magical car driving them into hilarious comedy bits; all while introducing the world to the best new artists via the GEO AF music video countdown, and incorporating skits via video call. Bridging the gap between a throwback music chart-show and gonzo comedy sketch, GEO AF takes viewers on a wild journey of musical discovery. See link below to the debut YouTube episode. Further details in the release, and deck attached.

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Having been approached a couple of months ago by one of our favorite artists, actor / painter, Booboo Stewart (Twilight, X-men etc) who was looking to artistically collaborate with GEO, we ended up combining forces on a GEO t-shirt designed by Booboo with all proceeds being donated to the GRAMMY MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund which is doing amazing work in providing financial help to out of work music creators and music workers affected by the pandemic.
The campaign was launched via GEO’s crazy new music show “GEO AF” which premiered on Instagram Live to tens of thousands of people and immediately t-shirts were being bought from all over the world. (Link to episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKd3imUhwqM&t=51s)
In addition to music fans, artists from many different countries have been wearing the tees including the following: