Music artist Ruth Koleva hails from New York City but is currently locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic in El Cuyo, Mexico. Not letting the lockdown keep her down, she is out today with her new music video for her single “Candy Coated” and we have the premiere for you on NAKID!

The best way to describe Ruth is that she is a feminine, but edgy individual.  She will tell you she is a rebel at heart with a soft and fragile soul.  Besides her love of music, Ruth is also an activist originally from Bulgaria and has been a champion for those who are marginalized and who cannot fight for themselves for as long as she can remember.  As someone who has seen and lived both through bitter and difficult experiences as well as beautiful ones, she wants to reach the people who are searching for love, acceptance and wholeness.  She wants to give them voice with colors and life. She wants to tell their story along with her own.  Over the years she has developed into a Diva, whose music highly resonates with the LGBTQ+ crowd.

We have been using this moment in these unprecedented times to figure out ways in which we can do our part to help out those causes that need not be neglected.   In fact, Ruth has been is a board member of LGBTQ+ youth support center Single Step and is key pioneer supporter of the Bulgarian LGBTQ+ community for over a decade and describes below how her involvement began:

“Seven years ago I said “Hell YES!” to performing at the first Sofia Pride event.  The LGBTQ+ organizers were so happy and surprised because I was the first artist to agree.   Many were scared of becoming targets of homophobic groups.  I will never forget that moment, I was singing on the small stage next to this big communist party monument and when I looked out at the audience it was mostly police officers.  Right then I decided that Pride is a mission worth fighting for, one of love and acceptance.  I’ve performed every year since and watched our movement grow to over 5000 people.  Bulgaria is still highly criticized for not accepting gay marriages or unions.  LGBTQ+ people are targets of social, institutional and work discrimination and even experience violence.  I am so passionate about equality and LGBTQ+ rights and have a song from my new album dedicated to this idea of acceptance and being able to love who you want to love.  When two people are bound together, everything and everyone else is just a background.”

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