Brooklyn-based producer, vocalist, and digital artist White Lights is a rising creative who champions mental wellness through his art. Following a slew of successful EPs and collaborative singles, White Lights returns to deliver “Body Trap,” the lead single to his debut album NUMBSKULL

At a time in modern history where pain and heartbreak are all too familiar, Johnny Shankman opens up a dialogue surrounding the unwelcome symptoms that often accompany the human experience. Shankman, best known as White Lights is no stranger to feeling lost in a fast-paced world. Drawing influence from artists like Kid Cudi and Joji, White Lights embellishes his minimalist sound with poetry and lyrical prose. The White Lights project launched in 2012 when Shankman was only 18 years old. His debut mixtape Ether garnered local praise which ultimately paved the way for his two part EP series Dual-Brained in 2016. His performances at NYC’s Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory, and Trans-Pecos solidified him as a genius both on stage and in the studio. Now boasting a cool 1.3 million streams across his discography thanks to his heavily streamed singles “VR Helmet” and “We Were Freaks” and collaborations alongside Raveena and Abby Diamond, White Lights is storming 2020 to unveil his first-ever feature-length album NUMBSKULL. “Body Trap” marks the genesis of the impending LP, mapping the blueprint for what the album will offer in full. An elegant blend of downtempo trap beats, R&B, with subtle hip-hop aromas, “Body Trap” is a vulnerable, bare-bones gem that invites listeners into his complex and often melancholic mind. Its narcotic nature creates an easy and accessible listening experience intended to connect with like-minded individuals who have struggled to find their way. Simply put, the White Lights project is more than music. It is an open-hearted manifesto detailing the trials and tribulations of the human experience. A brilliant take on modern minimalism, “Body Trap” is one of White Light’s most defining releases to date. Watch this space.

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