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Future Memories‘ is Disco Shrines’ latest single set for release on July 24th. Leading up to her debut EP “xoxo, disco”, this project chronicles her dating life in Los Angeles. She writes about the rollercoaster of emotions that come with dating in your 20’s: everything from love at first sight and heartbreak to feeling empowered on your own and having friends with benefits.

Produced by Ceci G (Broods, Pell, Uffie, Gia Woods, The Veronicas) and co-written by Liz Nistico (Holychild), Future Memories was created by a powerhouse of female pop artists. In the song, Disco Shrine explores the pains that come with falling for someone without knowing them and indulging in the idea of all the future memories they could create together. It kicks off with an in-your-face synth bass and catchy overdrive guitar that’s juxtaposed with contemporary 808 beats. The song’s performance strikes the boss-girl attitude reminiscent of young Gwen Stefani while imparting vulnerability through its sentimental melodies and lyrics. The accompanying music video, directed by Nicole Lipp and edited by Marti Hoyos, was shot on a 90s camcorder throughout a mostly-empty, locked-down, Los Angeles. It captures that nostalgic feeling of being young and in love and a little bit punk. Future Memories is the first track off of Disco Shrines’ debut EP “xoxo, disco” due in Sept.

Disco Shrine, aka Persian Barbie, is the LA based, pop spark plug known for being a songwriter, world traveling DJ, and event curator. Disco Shrine released her debut single ‘Up In The Air’ in 2018 through French label Kitsune in partnership with the NBA. The electro-pop track was inspired by her parents’ immigration story to America from Iran and touched global audiences, charting in numerous countries including Spain, Greece, France, and Sweden. As a way to give back to fellow immigrants, Disco Shrine has become notorious for curating pop up events in unconventional locations such as Laundromats, Barber Shops, and Mattress Stores to advocate for immigrant rights.

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