Today we have the premiere of Riotron’s debut music video release “I’m Sorry” which in just three months has collectively garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, with its subsequent lyric video racking up more than a million views since early December.

Inspired by pop artists like Phil Collins and Madonna, Fettes started writing his own music as a teenager. While attending university, he learned recording while working at a local studio, writing and producing songs for other artists. At one point, he had jobs as a cartoonist, programmer, musician, and writer but it was his hobby as an inventor that eventually drew him into a career, a number of his concepts growing into companies.

The success he found there left little time for performing or songwriting until recently. When politics created a sharp emotional divide among his friends and family, Fettes found it hard to talk about until one day he found himself sitting at a keyboard writing “I’m Sorry” about the conflict. The songs kept coming and shortly after he formed Riotron as the outlet for his new music.

Evoking styles like dance-rock, electronic synth-pop, and even jazz, Riotron’s upcoming 2020 LP, Dark Highway, is reminiscent of an 80’s movie soundtrack, with a collection of highly personal anthems. Thematically, it’s about how our darkest moments eventually lead to hope. Riotron’s Dark Highway sends its listener on a metaphorical drive through hell that eventually leads to love, acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

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