Bertie Taylor, is a photographer based in Brighton & London, UK. He shoots primarily on film and do not edit his images, preferring to take them straight from the camera.

“The shadow is the side of your personality that contains all of the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having.

Everyone has a shadow side, it is at first at unconcious side. It is only through effort to become self – aware that we RECOGNIZE our shadow. “

I had always been seeking fullfillment and gratification from the external world, constantly chasing what i thought i needed to be, attempting to rely on outside sources to bring me contentment and peace.
However, nothing externally was making much sense or bringing me much happiness anymore, things in general things weren’t going how i’d envisioned them.
A combination of life events triggered what i can only describe as the beginning of a kind of ” Dark knight of the soul ” scenario.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of life,  we rarely take time to take a deep look at ourselves.
I realised i needed to look inward and at all of the areas of my life that haven’t been working.
This is when i began looking into shadow work, this series explores the shadow side of our nature in a visual sense.

In this time of corona virus, many of us are finding ourselves facing our shadow because the usual distractions of everyday life aren’t there, the world being temporarily closed is forcing us to look inwards more and find out what’s going on within.

Model: Ornella Mignella