Bizzy Crook continues to steal the ears of listeners with his latest single, Rich & Damaged. This melodic track, produced by VIZN, shares the emotions Bizzy has towards his detachment from love. The captivating hook stages the single with a female voice harmoniously asking “Why you so cold? Why you ain’t dumping these h*es? Why you so in love with the dough?” and Bizzy responds with “What you ain’t know?!” The Rich & Damaged visual, directed by Chris Moreno, Bizzy Crook, Goodluck Dan and ATLSnake, you see Bizzy speaking to a hot therapist and on her shoulders are the angel & devil versions of Bizzy. This depiction shows the two sides of good vs. evil many men face when addressing their relationship and emotions with women.

Rich & Damaged is the second single off Bizzy’s highly anticipated project, From Me to You, set to release this month.

“This album is an open letter to my old self, friends, family, my daughter, etc. I think for a while I gave into the dark place. I had lost hope and in return, the people in my life lost hope in me,” Bizzy professes. “This album was me realizing, yo, I know who the f*ck I am and I’m going to do anything I set my mind to.” – Bizzy Crook

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