The upcoming pop sensation Victory Brooks has revealed her new music video for the single ‘Love Me Hard Before You Go’. The Los Angeles- based artist shares her story of heartbreak in the awaited video filled with mesmerizing visuals, provocative metaphors, and subtle signs of the grief and suffering depicted in the song. Directed by Ava Dotsenko, the video was filmed in the Russian countryside to artistically capture the feeling of raw abandonment through the vastness of nature.

Also featuring memorable lighting schemes and compositions, a car crash, and filled with sincere vulnerability – the ‘Love Me Hard Before You Go’ music video is an emotional adventure grounded in an anguish everyone can relate to.

“I had to re-live the hardest time of my life during the filming, so you’re about to get to know me better than most!” – Victory Brooks.

Victory Brooks is the newest sensation shaking up the pop music scene. Her striking appearance, hauntingly catchy melodies, and a genuine rebel attitude, are all key attributes of her signature style; astonishing fans, both inside and outside the industry.

Originally recognized as a rock guitar virtuoso, her diverse musical history adds many facets to the diamond that is her brand of pop music today. From Moscow Russia, Victory Brooks is now based out of Los Angeles, California.

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