ACTIVE CHILD today debuts a new short film for In Another Life track “Color Me” as part of a collaborative art project between the musician and acclaimed Danish director MARTIN DE THURAH. The film launches today at ColorMeProject.com, a dedicated website that serves as an interactive landing page for visitors to watch the new visual and create new content using exclusive imagery from the film itself.

Combining sculpting, live-action recordings, and visual effects with the trembling and distorted sound of “Color Me,” director Martin De Thurah created a film that explores our shared humanity and the darkness inherent in each of us, posing the question: How do we respond when we have to face our own fears and mortality, and is it possible to find tranquility within the world of our nightmares? It’s a question that has gained new levels of meaning in 2020, the result of which is a haunting and visually innovative project that demands both attention and reflection from its viewers.

Of the video, director Martin De Thurah says, “I wanted to make something frightening, and I know it is very hard. To create a film in which someone was physically penetrated by their own anxiety. In a gentle way, with a lot of love and the possibility of healing.”

In light of the film’s probing nature, De Thurah and team built ColorMeProject.com, a website that allows visitors to screen the film, find inspiration and generate new creative content. Visitors to the website will be invited to read excerpts from the director’s dreams, as well as create their own posters with visual assets from the film. Furthermore, it will be possible to buy the unique sculptures that Martin De Thurah made specifically for the film, the proceeds from which will be donated to Mental Health Foundation Denmark.

For Active Child, the “Color Me” project echoes an attempt to grasp the sadness and hope of life. ”It is hard to be human. Our capacity to feel can be overwhelming,” he says. “But how we process great emotion and crippling anxiety is what sets us apart. My own fear of death has been with me since I was boy. My fear of a complete end, a full stop, like going to sleep, it haunts me. It lives within me and takes shape in my dreams. It is why my music much of the time is an attempt to reconcile with the existence of a spiritual world.”

The project is the latest development in the wake of Active Child’s full-length major label debut In Another Life, which is available digitally, on CD, and in vinyl format now. The musician has recently released remixes from the album, including both the “Cruel World (Jim-E Stack Remix)” and “Painted Staircase (Joe Goddard Remix).” As visually creative as he is sonically, Active Child continues to celebrate the album’s release with his “Sun Rooms Series,” a collection of stripped-down performances of album tracks filmed outside the musician’s studio – watch his videos for “Cruel World” and “Color Me” here.

If you love this short film then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing work they have visually created – head over to their Instagram below to check out more from this awesome artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

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